23 January 2018

Drawing Tuesday - Horiman Museum

 The crab has tumbled into disarray -

In another cabinet were the Leaf Butterflies - can you find eight of them?

 Jo's raven -
 Sue's patterns from tortoise shells -
 Judith's porcupine -
 Janet K's sparkly costume -
 Joyce's mark-making based on coral ... with stitching in mind ...
 Janet B's water bird -
 Janet B's extracurricular activity - a sewn banner for her WI group -
 Joyce has been manipulating fabric (aka smocking) -
Finally, some more photos from the museum -
Currently unused, the glasshouse
Details from a temporary display of felted work by Karen Dodd, "The Fabric of the Reef", which draws on interdependent relations in the museum's aquarium -

Close-ups of some corals in the museum's collection -
Mushroom coral

Brain coral 

Organ pipe coral

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Oh my! I love, love the stitches in the third photo felted piece.
I had to look up the Horiman museum.