05 January 2018

"Please do not touch"

Outside the Rachel Whiteread exhibition at Tate Britain (till 21 January) are some sculptures she chose, including this 1967 piece by Barry Flanagan. The instruction caught my eye -
... and was repeated here and there within the exhibition ...

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patty a. said...

I like the blue lines where you dare not cross. I was helping out at the at museum years ago and my job was to be at the rear of a tour group and keep them from wandering about. Well, we came to one area and a fellow reached out and started tapping on a piece. He said as he tapped "I wonder what this is made out of". There are signs all over the place not to touch the art. I went over and nicely told him he was suppose to touch, but he kept tapping. He finally quit after I reminded him twice. Then one time a parent lost track of his three year old and the next thing the kid was crawling thru a Donald Judd sculpture that was a square tube lined with green Plexiglas. Thank goodness the kid did not scratch the Plexiglas.