02 January 2018

Drawing Tuesday - Maritime Museum

This week we're having Drawing Tuesday on Thursday, how confusing is that? And the previous session, shown here, was last year ... though it seems like it wasn't all that long ago....

This was my subject - I was drawn to the stripeyness of the standing oars, against the gold of the lions -
 and then forgot to add that element to the drawing -
 Of course this would be the day my truly-gold pencil wasn't in the bag, so out came the yellow to get things started, then I got bolder with graphite.
 Both were water-soluble and I didn't want mud or sludge, so water was added carefully, followed by soluble brown and touches of non-soluble red. And some indigo Inktense -
As for the background: to stripe ... or not to stripe?
Without seeing what they're supposed to be, I doubt anyone would recognise them as gilded lions! Never mind, it was fun doing it, though how would you do it differently for a more cogent result? Tonally, with pencil, perhaps, and never mind the bling.

Jo's "scare devil" - in the Nicobar Islands these were meant to protect homes from sickness, and when they "failed" they were discarded, and collected by sailors -
 Janet K's Tipu Sultan, figurehead of HMS Seringapatam -
 Judith's admirals - Admiral James de Saumarez and Sir Edward Pellew -
 Janet B's figurehead of HMS Bulldog -

To add to the confusion, this week's Drawing Tuesday is happening on Thursday, because the museum we're visiting isn't open on Tuesdays, but as usual will be posted on the blog on Tuesday ... and then everything will be back to normal, I hope!

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Sue Sharples said...

Looks like you all had a productive time! Liked your lions Margaret! Seems ages since l joined you all!