31 January 2018

Spring cleaning is always with us

The beauteous wonderment of the rejuvenated (and dust free) bedroom, during which I rediscovered a few things and discarded others, has led on to other tidying and cleaning efforts, long overdue. 

Last week I purchased a couple of little tables, one for the big lamp and the other for another corner - they were delivered and clearly some sort of action was needed -
(Oh dear, action on that little corner just by the door of the room is still needed....)

It took a while to extract the little round table, which now sits more happily between the red chairs, and to sort out all the things hidden behind the chair ... but what a good opportunity for some thorough cleaning! -
The other corner - ah - sewing and knitting and library books had been accumulating rather -
But never underestimate the encouraging effect of "setting the timer for 15 minutes" - that gets you going, and when it pings you can stop. Progress will have been made. Or you can continue, if you're on a roll. Once the first table was assembled, I was definitely on a roll -
... what an improvement! But the other corner had to wait till the next evening -
Now I can sit at the desk and look left -
 and right -
and enjoy   s p a c e   and order. It's only a little daunting to think of the items removed to the studio "for now". I feel that the act of moving them has changed them in some way, so they can be more easily let go, when it comes to it. My mental picture is of "just things", rather than "oh I need to keep this".

This is something I think about when I'm out walking, reinforcing my resolve to get a grip on the Endless Stuff. Making it manageable.

It's still a big problem area for me - for so many of us! - so one line of attack is to have A Vision and keep nibbling away at the dark edges until the Vision starts to come into view. Little and often. Make a habit of it.

As for that glass of wine, to hand as I write - the latest wisdom on boosting the immune system via the gut suggests that a daily glass of red wine is helpful, and coffee and chocolate may be too. Seize the moment!

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patty a. said...

It is so easy for stuff to accumulate and it does take practice to let go. Your space is coming together nicely and I am loving all your bookcases. I am still trying to get my place back together, being careful not to let stuff find its way to the upstairs which is the living room, kitchen, a bath, and two bedroom. I hope to get the rest of the trim installed in the living room this weekend which would be a big accomplishment.