06 February 2018

Drawing Tuesday - Museum of London

In the Medieval London gallery was an eel spear, and behind it a basketwork fish trap -
 Nearby was a selection of distilling equipment and other medical artefacts -
Some of them made it onto my pages, though the eel spear was manageable only at smaller scale -
...along with a silver pomador and, to confuse the scale of things even further, the kinds of tiny trinkets that are so easily lost, to reappear at the riverside centuries later.

 Sue fit some lovely nail-soled boots onto her page -
 Janet K tackled Mithras -
Having drawn some cooking implements, Joyce thought they looked rather stark, so she filled in the page in grey to subtly set the scene -
Carol found a comb and bucket, both about 1000 years old - the gaming piece is possibly a little younger -
 Judith re-created the Fire of London -
 Extracurricular activities
Joyce had spent a few days doing interesting things with paper - such as embossing -
 and wrapping and crinkling Lokta paper -
and making interesting book structures -
Carol brought along a collection of small objects and told us how she uses them as a way of starting stories -

Tool of the week is a pencil case, made by Janet's friend -
Those are tiny squares, and they are sewn with french seams - which makes sense, because you don't want fraying fabric inside a pencil case -

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