20 February 2018

Drawing Tuesday - V&A

We went to different parts of the V&A and gathered for lunch at in the Members Room, which was veryvery busy, on account of it being half term. As we left the museum, there was a queue outside - it was judged to be so crowded that admission was restricted. Gosh; a victim of its own success.

Up on the 6th floor it was quiet. Primed by shop windows on the short walk from Knightsbridge
I was looking to draw chairs, and left behind the temptations of the ceramics study collection, these enticing ladies among them -
 for this tableau in the Furniture gallery -
1870s at back, 1860s for the miniatures,
and the "tutti-frutti" stool is 1990s
Lots of rejigging was needed to arrive at this, but even so the hind legs of the chair just don't work -
Looking at it "afterwards" gives a better idea of what needs adjusting. At the time, there's a reluctance to, eg, rub out an entire section so that it's in a better relation to the other objects - "too much work! my careful [=fussy] details wasted!" 

Next time: get the major shapes in the right place, first...

Joyce, after travel nightmares (it's half term, wot) found "Anger" in the ceramics galleries, one of the set of seven deadly sins made in the early 1990s by Janice Tchalenko, based on designs by Roger Law (of the Spitting Image workshop) -
She went back after lunch and carried on -
Jo too had just a brief drawing time, and quickly rendered several items in the glass gallery; this one caught the transparency of the glass -
 Judith, in the Chinese gallery, found this "foreigner" - he dates to about 600AD -
Janet K was in the British galleries, collecting images of birds -
And Michelle was roaming the museum with a camera, looking for inspiration for her next project; we await developments...

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