17 February 2018

Unabashedly floral

Returning home yesterday, I found it warm enough to spend, door keys in hand, a few minutes in the garden, doing a little (one-handed) tidying. The bulbs are shooting up, and the miniature irises are actually in flower, so they needed the weeds clearing around them so that they can be seen. 

My keys were in the non-weeding hand and no hands were free for taking photos ... but I do have lots of other floral pix available from the past few weeks of walking around and looking around -
Hellebores etc at Estorick Collection

Old tiles on pub at Highbury Barn

Outside a florist on Highbury Park

Semi-floral - hanging baskets at Sable d'Or, Crouch End

Gorgeous (huge) Chinese plate in V&A ceramics gallery, 6th floor

Victorian tiles, Green Lanes

Flowers of light! Through a steamy bus window

Sad sight, a ghost bike, Seven Sisters Road

Japanese textile design seen at Works on Paper fair

Floral table decoration ...

... and the real thing, at Works on Paper fair

Floral portrait inside the envelope, one of a series by Margaret Mellis

Drifts of snowdrops and aconites, Hyde Park (on a raw day)

Spring flowers at 136A earlier this month

And this? ... it's one of those photos the camera takes when you're
not looking - my floral quilt

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