21 February 2018

Plain and simple woodblocks

It was good to get back to "woodblocks" after the halfterm hiatus.
Today's entire output
I made notes of things done and things to try, so that bit of organisation feels like progress in itself.
Block has colours for overprinting onto rather pale first print
(results are on the left in the top photo)

A stronger print - more heavily inked, and then printed twice,
and showing the remains of the yellows mixing into the blues

Doing one colour at a time, so the ink [watercolours] doesn't dry out

Mostly the colours came straight from the tube, and colour mixing
- if any - was through overprinting
 Still thinking about the diptych books - some combinations -
More printing to come... some sort of cohesiveness is needed

Messy here and there


patty a. said...

I like the simple circles very much! The texture of the circles is wonderful too.

Aine Scannell said...

Hi Margaret.

I have been meaning to get in touch with you for a while.................... I must say I find these circles made using Moku Hanga, to be inspirational and love how you can 'play around with them" that's my kind of way to approach printmaking. By which I mean I love to leave the interplay of 'printmaking elements.' open so that I can use them in various artworks

Re the above wood circles - one thing I thought you might consider doing is this..........

Get some robust acetate (I buy polypropylene by the sheet from Mindsets education materials online.

or from. GreatArt. something they call rhenalon.


Give it a light sanding with a gentle abrasive paper. Then, coat it with gum arabic.

When that's dry. Using watercolour, Create some organic thick or thin lines or other shapes...... When these are dry

You can then place them over your circle prints to get a sense of what might work / interact well with them. Of course that's if, you are planning to have further layers, printed over them using the Moku Hanga technique. BTW.......... I know you could just get acetate and draw various shapes using markers

using what col will give you more a sense of how it will actually look. I shall await any further progress with interest

best wishes


who used to live in your neighbourhood.