24 February 2018

Ogling the objects

So many gorgeous objects at Collect ("the international art fair for contemporary objects"), this year as in previous years.

Apologies for the blurry pix, there seems to be an issue with uploading from camera (pix taken on usual phone) to computer (google photos, where they are sharp) to Blogger (which has had "enhancement" problems in the past). I'm investigating...

Charlotte Hodes

Reflective chair! Comfortable??

Edgy jewellery...

Using photos in jewellery, interesting (Bettina Speckner)

Annie Turner

Extraverts' necklaces by Dorothea Pruehl

Delicate metal cubes, lovely

Katarina Dettar, "1000 moths for a blouse" 2016
Bombyx mori moths, silk thread.
€5350; sold 
Tore Svensson's geographical brooches

Su Xianzhong's porcelain paper

Gary Fabian Miller (woven at Dovecot Studios) and Jim Partridge

Ah, the red thread of connection!
"Tied up" by Steen Ipsen

Such careful work by Emily Jo Gibbs

Installation (glass!) based on the Magdalen Laundries, by Alison Lowry

Cotton tape as a sculptural material

Very, very thin wood

Claire Curneen (painting by Eleri Mills in background)

Lucille Lewin

Ceramics by Ranti Bam, beading by Thando Ntobela

Silver, gold, and silk paper, by Angela Ciobanu 

Large brooch by Sin Hea-lim, incorporating scrim

Ceramic in iron frame by Park Sung-wook 

Robert Cooper showing at Officine Saffi
love the cording

undersea glass creatures

delicate, delicate paper by Ferri Garces


Liesbeth Williams said...

What a wonderful display of beautiful and interesting objects.

Sandy said...

Thank you so much for these photos. I have spent a glorious time looking up some of the artists. Particularly the glass clothing! and the Beading by the Ubuhle artist, Thando Ntobela.
It must have been an awesome art fair!

Sandy said...

oh, and the lady with the cloth sculpture! Wow.