13 February 2018

Drawing Tuesday - Petrie Museum

In the Petrie Museum is a large table with various books, and also baskets of drawing materials. One of the books was about the Fayum portraits found by Flinders Petrie and held by the museum; after my latest brush with "faces" in the painting course, this seemed like a good subject, or a good way to try to get a likeness. In the end I did seven - this is my favourite -
Some of the portraits were in a somewhat damaged state - after all, they're about 2000 years old. This lady with the pearl earrings is also wearing a hairpiece. Looking at it after some time has passed, I can see where my proportions are wrong, but couldn't see it at the time -
All in all, my renditions are rather grotesque! Overworked? ("She meant well"...) -
 Jo's bold pots -
 Sue's bronze aegis of Isis, from Saqqara
 Carol's colourful pottery shards -
 ... and her complete pot, which she quickly made into shards -
 An array of pots by Mags -
 who brought along her extracurricular work - photos of the "train stitching" piece, now finished and hanging in wonderful swooping loops -
 and an altered book, from a collage course at City Lit -

Subtitle: Mainly for the non-racing man

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