26 February 2018

Thames21 litter survey

Down to the Hammersmith riverside on Sunday to check how much litter has been washed up in the past month. 
 A cold day, but sunny, and thank goodness there wasn't much wind. Lots of people were out walking along the river, and two people acted as "ambassadors" to answer their questions, eg, "What are they doing".
Setting up the transect - 1 metre squares
 The survey starts at the top of the old dock and each team did two squares.
Finding non-organic material
Recording the items in the categories on the sheet was quite a job - and someone will be tallying them all up, for the record. Here are some of the "miscellaneous plastics" we found -
The survey took all the allotted time (two hours) so there wasn't time for a general cleanup, which is the bit I enjoy - getting that rubbish out of circulation. Making room for more, some would say....

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