12 February 2018

Walking in London N8

Another day, another walk round the neighbourhood, starting with crossing Finsbury Park and noticing how the branches on some trees are very, very long -
(and other branches are both long and bent at strange angles).

The watercourse running through the park is the New River - which is neither new nor a river -
Then down the residential streets of "the ladder". Ah the wonderful things that people leave in their gardens -
 And the old tiles remaining on some of the shops, or were these added when the building (on Green Lanes) became a restaurant -
 Not to forget the strange things people put in their windows -
I walked, for the first time (having lived in this part of town for three decades), up Harringay Passage, which connects Harringay South school (near the south end) -
and Harringay North school towards the north end.

The area was developed between 1880 and 1900 as two housing estates, Hornsey Station estate at the north and Haringey Park estate in the south.

Travel the entire length of the passage in a mere three minutes here. Another view is here.

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