29 March 2012

Art I like - Richard Tuttle

The wire drawings - a short video here; image from here -

He's one of the first generation of artists who considered words/language to be part of art, along with Sol LeWitt and Lawrence Weiner. He creates works with words that approach the look of an alphabet - shapes that recall language but don't embody language, leaving room for metaphor -
More videos on his work here, part of his 2005 show at SFMOMA, "The Presence of Simple Things".  This is the wikipedia link, and here you can see oodles of images ... strange little objects, as well as bigger things, gallery installations - eclectic works that "defy conventional notions of material, form, process, and craft". This cotton, dye, and grommet piece is "Walking on Air" from a 2009 exhibition -
Post-minimalism can be fun! Tuttle has been working since the 1960s and has made numerous artist's books. Here's one of his sets of prints, Labels 1-16 -

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