27 March 2012

Tutorial Tuesday

Hours after making a solid cover for "Seeping", the letterpress book, and putting in the screw posts to hold it together, came the feedback in the tutorial. The cover was too solid, the endpapers unnecessary decoration, the colophon set in the wrong size - 
but the text idea and treatment were fine -
 "Night Journey" needed editing (was there a sequence?) and generally further thinking about -
All of which I could see when it was pointed out. That's the point of a tutorial, having another - knowledgeable! - eye look at your work, and hear a knowledgeable opinion. As more of the "bits" I'd made over the past eight weeks appeared on the table and were moved around, the idea of a collection developed - something to take forward to the show ... or perhaps something will develop into one big piece in the next four months, who knows?
I learned a lot. One task arising from the discussion is to play around with the group of objects, considering order and the spaces between things; another is to look at the work of Richard Tuttle, who sometimes makes books but mostly does installations.

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