15 March 2012

At the poetry library

Great place, the Poetry Library (5th floor of Royal Festival Hall, open 11-8 daily) - a borrowing collection and a reference collection and an exhibition space, and 180 poetry magazines. Oh and sound archives of poets reading their work. We had a class visit, and they kindly got out a lot of artists books for us.

Rhapsodomancy by kevin mcpherson eckhoff gets up to all sorts of tricks with shorthand  -
 Matthew Halliday has conjured up some fetching Venn diagrams (click to enlarge) -
 in this magazine, with its fetching cover -
What also sticks with me is an A4-size book called "After Marvell" that consisted of blank pages in various shades of green. It took a while for the penny to drop - very conceptual!

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