26 March 2012

Mooching Monday

As the lovely warm weather continues (but we do need rain!), what could be more pleasant than to visit a few exhibitions and then sit in the sun with a cup of coffee? It was an opportunity to read through my notebook in preparation for the tutorial tomorrow, and remind myself of things seen, thought, and done since mid-january. I numbered the pages and compiled a rudimentary index to give a semblance of organization and control, but found that a large proportion of the writing was about the work in progress, which seems to be going round and round in circles, rather than taxi-ing down the runway ready for takeoff.
Somerset House had several free exhibitions - The Crisis Commission included this piece (image from here)
by Nika Neelova, the doors cast from a door in the building.

Kokoro, painting by tattoo artist Horiyoshi III, included some calligraphy and, in the case, "tools of the trade" -
In the Courtauld Collection (free on Mondays, 10-2), till 20 May, "In Parallel: Mondrian and Ben Nicholson" - Nicholson visited Mondrian's studio in Paris in 1934 and they became friends, sharing an interest in abstraction; in 1938 Mondrian moved to London, a studio right next door to Nicholson.
In a further room is a related display called Lines crossed - about grids - using examples from the 17th century right up to 1995 - a drawing by Linda Karshan (image from here) -

And in the courtyard, 10,000 ceramic "daffodils" by Fernando Casasempere -


Anny P said...

Mooching has to be one of the best pass-times you can have. Don't you think we should have an official day off once or twice a year with the specific intent of just mooching...

Pamela Price Klebaum said...

I love the "Lines Crossed" example, and went to the artist's website. Thank you for sharing all this. Fascinating.