24 March 2012

Book du jour

Graphite on strips (3 1/2", 8.5cm) of japanese paper - a rubbing from one of the smashed car mirrors. The intention was to ink it up, but once it was in book form, it looked good as is -
So I made another to ink up; the graphite is revealed by polishing the page, and the cover (such as it is) has flaps that fold out -
Nor was that it for the ink. This next structure came to me in a dream - long thin pages, mostly machined together, and then using the long thread-ends from machining to handstitch into separate pages in the loose part of the book. The neon green happened to be on the machine, and the red dots were lying around (I call this "the aleatory method" - it happens by chance) -
Lots of ink and quite a lot of time later - the green is vestigial and the red has been concealed -
 The structure is strange -
Finally (for now),  works in progress -
The two small books of newspaper aren't stitched together yet; I'd like to add "something" (other than thread or graphite!) but don't know what. The large book is tissue paper - it crinkles up nicely but is too big, or else doesn't have enough pages, and is the most unsatisfying thing I've made lately. During the inking the wet pages stick together and have to be separated before they dry and stick together - separating tissue paper takes a long time!