15 April 2012

Book du jour - a punctuated journey

In the sleepless reaches of the night I had an idea about taking the words out of sentences, paragraphs, pages, books... and leaving only the punctuation. These examples are from "Owl" by Desmond Morris.
Towards the end I was thinking about how to space out the punctuation - or rather, include the word spaces as part of the punctuation. And then I started thinking about how different authors - or different genres, or different literary eras - might have different "punctuation journeys". And that sent me to sleep...

The idea seemed worth a try, so I took a book almost at random, which happened to be A Stranger at Green Knowe by Lucy Boston, and opened it almost at random and started reading/writing, using 6B graphite -
Unfortunately, rather than starting on a nice clean sheet of paper I was trying to combine two experiments, the other being whether the coloured ink would show up under black ink at all. The idea was to cover the sheet with ink and rub it to bring the graphite through.
Too faint!
To cut a long story short, it didn't work - the graphite lines were too thin, and the writing was lost. But the reading was most enjoyable!

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