04 April 2012

Success, according to Tapies

Untitled; image from here
"My activities have never had anything to do with the idea of becoming famous or achieving success. I have always been concerned with getting people to listen to me. In everything I do ... my aim is to make people listen. I want to communicate the things that I love and in which I believe, because I think that people can derive a general benefit from them. What I really want is success in a philosophical sense: I want people to grasp something of the ideas and hopes which I express in painting." - Antoni Tapies, in "Conversations with Antoni Tapies", by Barbara Catoir
The yellow, and the red stripes, reference the Catalan flag; when this was painted in 1971, Catalonia was controlled by Franco's regime. Image from here
More images of Tapies' prodigious output here.

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