22 April 2012

Reading week (so-called)

Nothing happening at college this week - after three weeks of Easter holidays we have "reading week" - library and workshops are open. But I didn't use the opportunity to get in to letterpress ... still thinking about how - or, whether - to move my "seepage" project on, into an edition.

Thanks to the availability of friends for art-meets, I have seen numerous exhibitions this week, but all the looking has left little energy for thinking, remembering, analysing, or blogging about them....

Boetti at Tate Modern - fabulous, especially the large pieces that look like indigo stitching, but are biro (ballpoint pen) marks (image from here) -

Damien Hirst at Tate Modern - all show and no go, imho - the live butterflies were beautiful (but can a wild creature have any sort of life if it's kept in an interior room, away from the sunlight?) and people were very interested to see the inside of the cow (Mother and Child) - both exhibits had long queues (so British, so civilised!)
Image originally published here
Zoe Leonard at Camden Arts Centre (again

Louise Bourgeois at Freud Museum - her intense writings, in her handwriting, made me feel very claustrophobic - perhaps they came a little close to the bone...
image from this review
Katie Patterson at Haunch of Venison - "art meets astronomy" -spare but satisfying - quick to look at but I find lots to think about in the ideas behind the work and the way she's realised them -
Wilhemina Barnes-Graham and Robert Rush (at Art First), a Russian father and son at another small gallery on Eastcastle Street

Liza Lou at White Cube, Hoxton Square - we arrived 10 minutes before closing, which in a way was enough - on the other hand, I'd like to spend a quiet day with each of these works, drawing/painting/stitching material to hand. Not what I was expecting at all - very subtle -

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magsramsay said...

I was going to Tate Britain for Picasso/British Art for my birthday (going to an exhibition is part of the ritual) but those biro drawings of Boatti.....Could always take the Tate boat and do both I suppose.