23 April 2012

New look

Finally, finally I took courage and pressed the "upgrade to new template" button. All the additions to the previous template have gone ... 'cos I neglected to save the old one before hitting the button. Duh.

We seem to have passed the point of no return.

Some comfort food seems called for at this point....
Chocolate peanut butter swirl ice cream; recipe here


Connie Rose said...

It looks clean, no worries. I'd love some of that ice cream!

Judy Martin said...

All will work out.
I still haven't upgraded yet.

However , blogger just automatically changed the way I write the posts - without waiting for me to do so.

It's a big world out here in blogland.

Anonymous said...

Looks good to me. Definitely worthy of a culinary reward.

ParisMaddy said...

Nice and cleared off spaces now. Is the button to follow your blog gone now? I couldn't find one.

PB dessert looks really good.