26 April 2012

More couching, and some bookcloth

Enthusiasms come and go, and I'm caught up in couching at the moment. In fact I've rather lost my intention and am simply enjoying the stitching - to the extent that I got a lot done on sample #2 while travelling in to college. Also in the photo is my portable ironing board, to be used in a skill-sharing session at college, more of which later.

Samples so far:
The pink thread, close up, looks like beads... I'm inclined to undo that sample and reuse the thread, as my supply of it is limited (but see below...). The twisted rayon thread at the bottom is held to the linen with short lengths of threads from the fabric itself, used double; the linen is simply too floppy but might work as a double layer.

The next sample will be on colour catcher. I have a fair few -
 and an embarrassing richness of threads -
though in the end all that colour might get hidden under rich, black ink. Or perhaps my rationale for this piece might have changed by then...

As for the skill-sharing - Abi showed us how to make our own bookcloth. There are many explanations, tutorials, and videos on the internet, but a personal demo is always best! Briefly, you make a sandwich with (un-coloured) tissue paper, fusible adhesive, and the cloth. The tissue keeps the glue from soaking through the fabric, and using white tissue paper means the colour of tissue won't soak through to the fabric when the glue is applied. (Though if your fabric is dense enough and you're careful with the glue, you can use fabric direct.)
These might become covers for blank books (one day).

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