24 May 2012

Book du jour - leaves

Excited by the photo of the leaf with printing on it, I collected a few leaves on the way to letterpress and had a go.
It proved quite tricky to get the leaf positioned in the right place as it slid through the proofing press under several sheets of newsprint. The plane leaves and those oval ones, being quite firm, even waxy, got easier to deal with, but the ?aspen ?lime leaves quickly went floppy - and one rolled itself up and got chewed by the type -
Now they need to dry - some are drying in the open, others pressed in a book.  Next step (if the drying works) - put appropriate text on them - but that will have to wait, as there's unlikely to be a way this fits in with my "everyday journeys" project. Also, there's the small matter of making books from the "real" pages printed today.

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