12 May 2012

Book du jour - more inky books

An easier way to apply wax to the edges (easier than painting it on) - just dip! 
 When the pages are painted with ink, the printed lines show through the ink -
 The stitched lines in neon colours look rather like the wires inside the telephone junction boxes on the street* you sometimes see opened up for repair - conduits for information (and this project is about information overload, so it sort of fits in). As the wax pot was available, I dipped them in wax -
The newspaper underneath is getting dense with ink, as each page in each book is painted on both sides. Painting them, and letting them dry naturally, works better than dipping them in ink and then having to pry apart the pages and dry them with a hairdryer. So the books get stitched once all the pages are ready.

(*For information about British street furniture - of any sort, from signs to bollards, and traffic wardens for that matter - try this website. Finger posts, warning posts, street name plaques, traffic lights, war memorials, cattle troughs - clocks, hydrants, litter bins...)

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