31 May 2012

Letterpress edition

The edition of the original "Seepage" book is underway. With a little help and a lot of spacing, I got the text block tight, and started printing from the back - the page that's all text. 
Ready to ink up, ready to roll
Fortunately there wasn't a crowd in the workshop, so I could use the proofing press solidly and lay out the pages. After wondering how big (or small) an edition to make, that matter solved itself - there was room to lay out 12 sheets - which also meant that the A3 pad of 30 sheets of tracing paper, cut into quarters, would be enough.

Tracing paper needs to dry for as long as possible
The "erasure" bit involved looking critically at the previous version and considering changes - one such change was to make the book a page shorter than the previous version.
Turning over text to "erase" it
 I was pleased, after three hours, to have a dozen sets of three pages printed, layered with newsprint, and stacked safely in a folder.  Taken out at home, they look smudge-free, but closer inspection shows that the inking needs more attention -
Something to improve "next time" ... next week.

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