30 May 2012

Sunny morning window

The studio window faces north east. In winter, there is under-table heating;  in summer, the morning sun hits the desk, and the view is very green. I love working at a table under a window, in natural light ... with my back to the rest of the room, and all the chaos therein.

But - there's always a "but" - how to keep the necessary tools and equipment to hand, without them crowding you out? As you can see, the workspace is getting smaller and smaller. The resident carpenter hasn't had a chance to rig up the desired paper storage, and I've used this as an excuse to let stuff build up. So ... the inks etc could all go in a container somewhere else, to be moved back as needed; the bookbinding threads etc aslo. Much can be done, with a little thought and action. Tomorrow I'll be at home, in the studio, and this seems a very appropriate task for early in the day; I shall set my timer for 15 minutes, and that will make a big difference. Everyone loves a tidy workplace ... don't they?

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with your organisation - I find myself doing it every few months as the 'stuff' mysteriously creeps out onto the desk.

I do envy you the warm spot to work in. I made the mistake years ago of buying a glamorous glass desk - looks great, but permeates cold. I keep trying to persuade a daughter to swap with me, but they're too savvy.