16 May 2012

Book du jour - yet more inky books

Lately I've been preparing the pages of the inky books separately - here's some stitching in progress -
The ones with the wax-dipped edges speak to me ... but what are they saying?
Perhaps the white area, showing the ends of the lines (journey lines, written while travelling and screenprinted onto paper which is then saturated in ink), indicates the ends of many little journeys - ? Or maybe I just like black and white stripes!

In the recent batch are some little books (about 2"/5cm square) with stitching added before inking -
Although I'm really enjoying making these, it's time to call a halt. Enough have accumulated for a piece for the upcoming exhibition at college, which will look something like this -
The current title is Memory Overload -- brought on by a combination of our "information age" and the mere fact of increasing chronological age, with the perils that brings.

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