24 October 2013

It's all happening in Finsbury Park

"The John Jones art building" has been going up over the past year or so, behind its shiny black hoardings - it's nearly attained its full height now -
The view at the end of the road
One side ready, one underway, one-and-a-half to go
At one corner of the site is Godfreys Butchers, who decided not to be part of the building, so no shiny fence, no rebuilding; they're keeping the bricks and have now done a bit of landscaping, putting down astroturf to suppress the weeds, planting some new shrubs and trees, and adding some strategic advertising. Hopefully they'll keep on top of the rubbish that gets tossed or blown through the fence.
The building is across the street from the new Park Theatre, and less than a stone's throw from the tube.
Park Theatre reflected in the shiny black fence
It's changing the skyline, and who knows what will change on the ground. The new buildings will contain the framer and other offices, and student accommodation and other residential. So Finsbury Park will have something to offer culturally, as well as the amazing hair shops.

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