01 October 2013

Wish list

It seems impossible to go to a bookshop and not find something you want to take home and read. I'm not about to order these online "just to save money" ... but hope to come across them when I have some extra ££ and some unclaimed time.

Seen in another bookshop (but not photographed, and badly remembered) - a book with a turquoise (and brown?) cover, written by E... H... (an architect), with a title something like "memory is a place", cost £25. I happened to dip into the chapter/essay on a list of the contents of a Kunstkabinett, written in 1607 and "lost" until after WWII. The entire process of making such a collection, and the way this particular list was written, makes me want to go back to the description, and to the rest of the book.

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Jane Housham said...

I thought I could play detective and track down that third book. Thought I had got it with 'Diaspora Memory Place' by David Hammons et al, but it isn't it. However, I think you would like the opening pages if you look at it on 'Look Inside' on Amazon...
Then I thought it might be Chambers for a Memory Palace by two architects (Lyndon & Moore) but that's not it either. I admit defeat. Hope you can track it down.