20 October 2013

Ragged Cloth 2

After being "closed for refurbishment" for a while, Ragged Cloth Cafe - a blog by and for textile artists, for discussing textile art and art in general - has reopened.
The archives are full of thought-provoking posts, and you're invited to leave comments on them as well as the new posts, which a team of writers is adding weekly. 

I've just posted my thoughts about artwork that is made to be destroyed - which was set off by seeing this photo -
preschoolers rolling around (with permission!) on the work of "salt artist" Motoi Yamamoto. I was rather horrified at first, and am still not comfortable with this type of destruction - are you?

1 comment:

Kim in ND said...

Interesting. Reminds me of Navajo sand paintings, which are made during religious ceremonies, then destroyed. I think Tibetan sand paintings are also destroyed.
Certainly a comment on the fleetingness of life, and the ultimate futility of our efforts to organize it.