29 September 2014

Discoveries and decisions at Studio136

Aha, a Plan B for the CQ Winter School, in case the folded maps don't turn up -
continuing with "The Journey to the Studio"

Moths got to my beloved red suede, silk-lined gloves ... can the holes be repaired in some audacious way?

The "olive" JQs from last year...

... and some JQ-sized pieces that vaguely resemble landscape ...

Their temporary home is between the artists books collection and the dyeing microwave

On the left, a JQ based on a spiked apple done by my young buddy Nod in the foundation course, 2009;
on the right, a collage made several years earlier by 90something Lucy Tristao of Brazil

"What was I thinking" department - the screen printing was fun but is ugly ...
I thought to rescue it (why?) by adding stitch, hence the wool backing pinned ready

Cuddly and colourful - made an a workshop with Karina Thompson, 2009

These might become cushion covers

These experiments are in the bin

These will never become chenille, but the one on the right might turn into a JQ

Paper and fabric collage made in a workshop with Cas Holmes, 2010;
I'd like to work further on this (at the upcoming CQ weekend, perhaps?)

More bits destined for further work 

And these are now in the "make into cushion covers" box

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Sandra Wyman said...

I remember some of these really well. Enjoy winter school!