27 September 2014

Usefully occupied in Amsterdam

Testing fire hoses

Dredging for bicycles

Filming an interview (two cameras running; it's all in the edit)

Mending the pavement

Milling about in the Rijksmuseum

Pre-concert drinks at the Concertgebouw (included in ticket price)

Being photographed among the 3D Night Watch 

Doing a little painting

Washing windows

Fishing on a windy day

Being lifted on board (some boats are so long they use bicycles to
get from end to end, but the cars are for use in port)

Tinkling the ivories in the foyer of the central library

Walking the dog

Exhibition-visiting (Marlene Dumas at the Stedelijk Museum)

Snoozing in the sun (or trying to)

Re-gilding bits of the Royal Barge - Tom van Loon was at the Maritime Museum for a week

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