25 September 2014

Poetry Thursday - poem on a wall by Margerite Luitwieler

Seen from the tram in Amsterdam, a poem by Margerite Luitwieler, an example of "Sprekende Muren" (more and better photos here).

The Dutch version, from her website:

Ik heb ze lief,
de plekken waar het tocht
wanneer je er de bocht
Geef mij maar de achterkant
van huizen en gebieden
waar elke groene spriet
omringd door scheve stenen
de droge grond uitschiet.
Het onbedoeld gemaakt gebied

The English translation, courtesy of Google ... it could do with some improvement! -

I love them,
the places where the journey
when you bend
Give me back
of houses and fields
where every green blade
Surrounded by crooked stone
gouging the dry ground.
Unintentionally made ​​area

Perhaps there's scope within the slippage of translation for finding your own poetic meaning?

Born in 1960, Margerite Luitwieler studied fine art during the 1980s. Her paintings have been purchased by Delft and Amsterdam municipalities, and other collections. She has been exhibiting since 1987 and her poetry has been published since 2000. As well, she has worked as a docent and gastdocent in various museums.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I couldn't resist; I've been using Bing translator so I ran it through that. A few variations, but neither do much for me - much I think lost in translation:

I love them,
the spots where the tour
When you get there the bend
Just give me the back
homes and areas
where every green blade
surrounded by crooked stone
the dry soil falter.
The unintentionally created area