01 September 2014

Monday miscellany

An unexpected combination
If only these were on sale in the museum shop, instead of going for recycling!
From the Science Museum's "Rubbish" show

Sunny place for a herb garden - but needs a ladder
(it could work on my bike shed roof)
Wang Shu's Ningbo Historical Museum (via)

Looking forward to the Anselm Kiefer show at RA, opening at the end of September ... meanwhile here's a video of him in conversation with Tim Marlow - royalacademy.org.uk/article/117

Useful concept - "taking a mulligan" (as found here) -
The Wikipedia entry for Mulligan is as follows: "In golf, a mulligan is a stroke that is replayed from the spot of the previous stroke without penalty, due to an errant shot made on the previous stroke. The result is, as the hole is played and scored, as if the first errant shot had never been made. This practice is disallowed entirely by strict rules and players who attempt it or agree to let it happen may be disqualified from sanctioned competitions. However, in casual play, mulligans speed play by reducing the time spent searching for a lost ball, and reduce frustration and increase enjoyment of the game, as a player can "shake off" a bad shot more easily with their second chance."

From Knud Leem's pioneering ethnology of the Sami, 1767 (via)
Special box preserves tiny book (57x34mm) - and makes it easier to find (via)

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