06 September 2014


These origami boats are to help fill some empty shelves at an exhibition that opens in a few hours. The exhibition is called "From the High Sierras to the Sea" (aha, you see the connection) and shows photos of the High Sierra by Tony Wallis, photos taken on the Brixham trawler Leader by Quentin Ball, and photos of beaches in various locations by Elisabeth Blanchet. It's at Artisan, 80 Harlesden Road, NW10 2BE, 6-27 September, open Weds-Sat.

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Instructions for the boats can be found at (left to right)
pink sailboats - www.origami-fun.com/origami-sail-boats.html
pink and yellow motorobats -www.origami-instructions.com/easy-origami-boat.html
brown sailboat - make the yellow sailboat, leaving out the tuck that makes one sail smaller
yellow sailboat - www.origami-make.com/origami-boat-traditional-sail.php
red sailboat - www.origami-make.com/origami-boat-traditional-easy.php
quintessential origami boat - www.origami-instructions.com/origami-boat.html and many, many other places

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