12 August 2015

Always something new to see in a tree

You walk along the same old paths and suddenly something "new" hits your eye. It's been there for ages, of course, but you've never noticed it before -
The darkness of the web of branches. Then, that angle... due to the tree being half out of the ground, leaning like that for some years --
 Helping to support it, a dead branch -
I'd been picking up bits of broken pottery from the path - shards are mixed in with sand and gravel used for repair - and some ended up as unobtrusive "land art" in a nearby trunk, wonderfully folded and rippled -


Linda M said...

What a great tree!

beatrice De said...

Hello Margaret.
You like green, go on my blog... Green Switzerland ! Went there to buy a new roof to my market stand. With friends from Lucerne, we went up to Constance lake, where I wish to see hundertwasser's construction.