27 August 2015

"Folly" - art at Fountains Abbey

Overlooking the Georgian water garden, at tree-top level, in a "grecian temple", the Temple of Fame, is theatrical designer Gary McCann's "Lost Property" - collected from visitors, the lost items provide sustenance to fantastical creatures which have taken up residence in spaces previously controlled by man (or so the "Folly" leaflet says!)
Further along is the Octagon Tower -
Inside, Irene Brown (curator of the Gallery of Wonder) has installed a Hall of Mirrors - infinite views and the illusion of endless perspective - it feels like you're in a kaleidoscope -
We didn't have time to see Simon Costin's "Curious Tale of the Professor & the Temple", but it's intriguing to see that he's launched the Museum of British Folklore.

A short video giving a taste of the Follies is here, and the exhibition continues till 29 November.

(Poetry Thursday is having a brief holiday!)

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underatopazsky said...

Enjoyed this with my girls back in July and we were lucky enough to be able to go into all the follies. The children's trail the NT has developed for the Follies is wonderfully imaginative and really engaged both of them, despite there being a 7 year age gap!