08 August 2015

Quick trip to FOQ

The day at Festival of Quilts passed in a flash. Of course I didn't see "everything", mainly because I'd rather chat and catch up with people rarely seen... Thanks especially to Linda and Judy for their company and conversation.

Some highlights -
Ann Smith's art quilt in the Fine Art Quilts Masters competition

A masterful Fine Art Quilt by Valerie Huggins

Mexican quilters had interpreted sayings - eg "Everything can fit in a small jar if one knows how to organise it",
which from my seat at coffee time looked like an embroidery by Boetti

Luke Haynes used friends' clothing to depict them in his Clothes Portraits

His lecture was excellent, and he was much in demand for photography

Another excellent lecture by Susan Lenz, showing how her work evolved, one thing leading to another
- this is part of a huge display of keys

Subtle bark cloth by Bobby Britnell

Seeping paint on pojagi, by Clare Smith

Jenni Dutton's "Dementia Darnings" - the finger indicates the surprisingly large size of the stitches

A border of nails on Laura Kemshall's quilt

Talisman pouches at the Through Our Hands stand
Eucalyptus by Anna Brown, in the Australian exhibit

The Japanese technique is chiko chiko - not sure of the spelling, so I'm  hoping to hear
 more about it from the Belgian lady who made the bag 

The CQ stand, with some of this year's journal quilts

Making the best of a long wait for the next train
(should have gone for the red wine, with the chocolate muffin)


Charlton Stitcher said...

This is fascinating. Being away this year, I was unable to go. Anna Brown's Eucalyptus quilt speaks especially loudly to me ... The black and white and the abstract shapes ... so lovely and crisp and striking! Thank you for sharing.

beatrice De said...

Very interesting.