31 August 2015

Arting about in Bermondsey

"The glassblowing place" always has yummy things to look at - this time among them was this "Dragon Boy" by David Reekie -
 which has much to do with Norwich Snap Dragons -
 At White Cube, the cause celebre was Marc Quinn, with painted, taped, and printed canvases mounted on aluminium sheets and then crumpled and tossed about (but look at the reflections in the smoooooth cement floor) -
and cast metal, beautifully polished ... one piece was an enormous wave and the straight lines on the floor reflected in interestingly wiggly ways ... but could I be bothered to get out my camera? (oh dear...)
 Walking briskly, we dropped in to the Bankside Gallery, which has a biographical exhibition about Agatha Christie (till 6 Sept) ... including her typewriter ... on the way to tea on the Dazzle Ship, where a stiff breeze kept almost all the wasps away -
And on the way to Fleet Street to find a No.4 bus, came across a good display of the history of that famous centre of printing and publishing -

Sad to hear that St Brides Library is about to shut down - what will happen to the books? Ah, it says here that there are no plans to sell or give them away...

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