21 August 2015

Journal quilts, second batch

These seem to be going from separately gathered sections to one big piece. It's stowing away all the thread ends that takes the time, so doing it all-in-one makes sense.

Method: Gathered synthetic organza, with applied snippets of fabric, and the gathering threads left in. The pieces are steamed and then spread out to measure 6"x12", and fixed to a backing. They are palpably springy, as well as a little bit glittering ... something to tempt the hand as well as the eye.

The first batch of these purportedly monthly creations are here on this blog, finished just before the due date. The next batch are due to be posted on the CQ yahoogroup at the end of the year. I wonder how many other people leave making their JQs to the last minute, rather than actually doing it month by month?


magsramsay said...

Guilty as charged! When I first stayed making JQ's in 2003 they were monthly and personal. Now the first 2 months out of 4 relate somehow to what I've been up to but the second 2 are rushed make- weights.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I'm guessing a great many do let the months get away from them and play catch-up to meet the ultimate deadline. Personally that defeats the purpose for me. But life often intervenes.