04 September 2015

Almost forgotten (miscellany)

Because I have a Big Project that needs doing within the next week, I'm finding all sorts of diversions, amid intense sessions of heads-down work.

One such is to clear out the Downloads file on my computer. (Checked yours lately? It can use up a LOT of disk space!) It had about 1400 files in it, going back to 2011. I'm starting with the oldest and just running my eye through the names in case there's anything interesting...

Found this -
Stitching by Emily Barletta, whose pared-down, striking work soothed my soul. So I had to go over to her site to see what she's up to now ... rather more dynamic work, interesting! Still, the earlier work beckons -
What else? This is the Voynich Manuscript, a mysterious medieval book that I wrote about before -
This is "Truism" by John Squire ... or at least that's what my file name leads me to believe (file names, changed to something useful, can help jog a flailing memory) - 
Lead sheet on board; bought by the Art Fund for the gallery in Oldham
And finally, for it's definitely time to get back to some heads-down, rather than amassing blog posts to be published in days to come, Henry Miller's work schedule - substitute your medium of choice for "writing" -

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M Dow said...

Clearing the downloads folder is a never ending task I suspect. I've got 5,033 to sort through - if I don't add any more in the meantime. Good luck clearing yours Margaret!