15 September 2015

Drawing Tuesday - Maritime Museum

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

Ships' figureheads

Wampum belt, made in 2007

I chose the wrong angle. Start again.

Ah that's better!

The "strings" brought on a fit of impatience

Next time I'll look at the negative space

Much of the Atlantic Gallery dealt with the slave trade

Sue tackled the neck ring too

Good shapes but what a lot of suffering they wrought

Into a brighter space; a case of navigation instruments . This is a binnacle.

With the iron balls left white, it has a completely different aspect

The "lids" closed, and open

Inside is the compass. The ship's metal hull would affect the magnetism of
the compass needle, so the balls are needed to counteract that.
Note the one on the left.

Sue drew a binnacle too, dating to 1909, made in Glasgow - and an astrolabe
with qibla point made in Syria in 1230

Later, comparing sketchbooks, we found we'd drawn the same helmet
during different visits to the Wallace Collection

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