16 September 2015

Pots in progress

How, if at all, to display these little pots? Most are less than 6" (15cm) high, or even 4" (10cm). The tallest, in the 4th picture, is about 7" (18cm). Some (not shown here; they are being kept wrapped up) are very fragile. 

Some of the groups look like they're posing for their photos; others are simply mingling. Sometimes they seem to be looking up at the camera/person who's looking down at them. (It's strange, how you come to look on your creations as almost-human.)

That's just one possible angle. Once my workspace is cleared I'll set up some better photos, and also start drawing them - to get to know them better, and to find a way forward with them. That's the next project - after which, or perhaps during which, I'll make some more shapes for eventual slip-dipping.


Olga Norris said...

They look as if they would like some kind of box treatment - perhaps like Edmund de Waal's pieces, but with a textile lining to make the most of their textural origins?

Olga Norris said...

They are delightful, by the way!

Connie Rose said...

These are simply divine! You need to have a show of your ceramics, somewhere. The Tate, maybe??

The Idaho Beauty said...

Very easy to see them as little personalities especially the way you have grouped them & photographed them. I first saw them as various tree stumps then started to think of them as mushrooms missing their caps in a a little known chapter from Alice in Wonderland! :-)

Sandy said...

These are wonderful The delicate look is what makes them so appealing. I hope you find a way to display them.
Perhaps, when you can photograph them how you like, you could basically make up cards with the images and sell them! I think I would stand in line for one of each.

Could you just (for the fun of it) Google how to display/transport delicate ceramics? You may find a solution without reinvention!