18 September 2015

plant blindness

What do you see in the photo?

If you only see the lions, you're missing something more important, says this article by Robbie Blackhall-Miles.

"The picture of the lion in the wild in Africa is not just a picture of a lion. It’s a picture of a whole environment and the biodiversity within it; biodiversity that is totally interconnected, and without which the lion cannot survive. "

Plant blindness has a bearing on the gardening world more than anywhere:

"The people that can “see” the plants and are able to grow them, horticulturists, may be the only people that can save this planet from impending disaster. Yet horticulture is suffering a skills crisis, there are far too few people looking at horticulture as a viable career option. ... Young people, swayed by the media and a need for greater things, are not interested in being gardeners or botanists (we don’t have a single botany degree left in Britain’s universities and 50% of under 25s see horticulture as a unskilled career); especially when the work is sold to them in the way that it currently is."

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