25 March 2016

Drawing to music

A flicker of actual drawing, a few moments spent concentrating ... as the result of the coincidence of looking at "Drawing Projects" over breakfast, reading about different ways of holding a pencil - and then Smetana's Ma Vlast came on the radio - so, quickly get the notebook and do a bit of drawing, eyes shut, mark-making to music -
Holding the pencil in various ways - at its end, in a loose fist, even like a dagger.

Eyes closed, you make one mark after another without the distraction of looking at how they relate to each other. That analysis of relation comes later.

The response to music, for me, doesn't free the marks - I'm still thinking "is this the right shape for that bit? does it have to be a faint mark just because the music is quiet? what different mark can I make now?"

I envisage repeating this with different media, different music. Maybe even adding some "rules" for myself. Or maybe not.

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