08 March 2016

Drawing Tuesday, Faraday Museum

This quiet museum, in the lower floor of the Royal Institution, includes a reconstruction of a 19th-century laboratory with many of Michael Faraday's tools -

 and other examples of famous bits of experimental aparatus, such as conductors and his "egg" -
 The museum isn't limited to Faraday (that's his photo at the back of the display) -
Humphrey Davy figures in it too, and other heroes of science. The museum has all sorts of "wonderful shapes" and bits of apparatus from the history of science, such as these objects connected with lighting -
 I took many photos, but you'd rather see the drawings, right?
My small warm-up sketches, and a closer view of the table in Faraday's lab

Carol was trying out watersoluble media, and rendering glass

Janet B went for the objects associated with lighting ...

...and quickly drew Carol drawing

Davy's electro-chemical apparatus, with which he isolated 9 chemical elements ...

... and Faraday's voltimeter, by Joyce

Sue S's rendition of the case full of things to do with lighting...

... and lighting effects in the background of a collection of shapes

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