28 March 2016

Going, going...

Today's windy weather, the tail end of Storm Katie, is whispering "spring cleaning..." - so I'm having a stab at it. Nothing full-blown, just trying to make some more room for light and air and life.

It was easy to fill three bags for the charity shop and another for the bin, but there are always items that are hard to deal with.
Tweedy, bobbly hand knit, finally finished and worn just twice... any takers?

Love the red beads (happy 1990s memories); in fact all of this
is about memories, even the 1970s necklace made for me by an
uncle, and the Chanel soap brought from Paris when Mr T went
on a trip there with the school he used to teach at

These have found a home with book makers, to be scanned and used in collage

No doubt about it, you just have to harden your heart and say goodbye to things. "They're only things ..."

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