26 March 2016

Homey coincidence

Seen within minutes of each other, the first  on a window sill in a meeting room at Craft Central, Clerkenwell -
An invitation - too nice to bin right away
 the other, in the window of an architectural office on the way to Farringdon Station -
West Quay Study Models "draws upon and reinterprets the historic context [of West Quay Waterfront in Poole]
in a contemporary idiom. the roofscape includes pyramidal and long-ridge roof-forms which echo the
Maltings and Warehouse roofs in the town. The ceramics heritage at Poole continues today at
Poole Pottery and the practice used this as inspiration for the gateway building at the Old Bridge.
The model by Lorraine Ruff Ceramics, Camberwell, was commissioned by the architects."

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