01 August 2017

Drawing Tuesday - Museum of London

It was pots I wanted, and it was medieval pots I drew -
with biro (about 900-1000)

another group - these made their way to London from northern Europe, 1000-1300

my pencil put them at the bottom of the page
and then I went round the gallery looking for a few more,
trying to get the oval at the top right
Janet B found a mixing machine and a motorbike -
 Mags started with pots and moved on to neolithic tools -
 Sue couldn't resist the glass - amazing that it's survived since the 1st-2nd century -
 Jo gathered some amazing 14th century agricultural implements -

Janet K was intrigued by a temple lamp -

Extracurricular activities

 Janet K's furniture -
... and her puppets (part of her professional life) -
... which includes being able to whip up a model of how a dragon can be "worn" -
 Mags brought prints and blocks from the japanese woodblock printing course -

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