09 August 2017

Large dogs and a lovely garden

The shape seemed all wrong for a dog ... I zoomed in as much as possible ...
 And then they walked into the light - the shape still looked wrong, rather like haunches of bacon. And why is it wearing socks on its front feet?
 Later we saw another huge dog, which conversation revealed was a Russian terrier -
Also in Holland Park, a lovely Japanese garden, with a waterfall -
 tied-together bamboo constructions -
 bonsai in the smaller stump -
 moorhens among the mossy rocks -
 and large carp in the pool -
Unfortunately the cafe served the weakest and possibly the worst coffee we've had in a long time.

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Socks on dog feet for protection. Not sure about that dog, but Holly gets blisters and sore places on her feet when she goes a long way on a path (rather than grass). Then she licks and chews at them which makes them even more sore. But we have a sort of wax you are meant to put on their feet for protection. We don't go on long walks on a path very often.
Maybe this dog already had a cut from glass or something.
I like your discoveries on walks!